Is Gangstar Vegas a GTA Clone or a Refreshing Alternative?

Gangstar Vegas GV vs GTA

Whether you enjoy Gangstar Vegas or not, one thing is unavoidable: the comparison between this game and Grand Theft Auto. Obviously, we can all see where the developer and publisher Gameloft got its inspiration from. But is the game just a cheap GTA knock-off or a different take of the open-world action shooter sub-genre? Let’s check it out.

The Similarities

We can’t deny that Gangstar Vegas got the core elements of GTA and put it into a more streamlined game. It does feel more over the top than GTA but the resemblance is there. In this game, you play as a no-good thug who wants to gain respect from both the organized crime you work in and the other gangs. You roam around in a bustling city with lots of free will. You can steal cars, shoot up anybody, and just freely wander around.

Gangstar Vegas Game

The stories are quite the same too with clichés and stereotypes. It includes a betraying gang member and a love interest who works in a not-so-respectable line of work. It also has kingpins who either trust you or will do anything it takes to kill you. Oh, and there are drugs. Lots of drugs. Come on, it’s a crime game; of course there’s going to be more than just shooting and stealing.

The Differences

There are some bits in the game that do feel quite far from GTA–and in a good way. First of all, this game is free to play. You can manage to play and even finish the story even without paying a buck. Just watch out for the annoying ads that pop up a lot of times. Second, it’s set in a real location: Las Vegas, Nevada. Sure, there’s Las Venturas in GTA San Andreas. But, you got to give credit to Gameloft for managing to put in a real place in a game. However, Las Venturas does feel more like Las Vegas than Gangstar Vegas itself. This is due to a more constricted map design.

Also, there are still ongoing events in Gangstar Vegas. For a 7-year old game, you might think Gameloft abandoned it and worked on the next Gangstar. However, you should give kudos to them for still supporting it. Now, the only thing it needs is a much-needed quality change including visual overhaul, licensed songs, and better controls.

Is Gangstar Vegas Worth Playing

For fans of GTA, they’d look the other way around. Otherwise, if you are looking for a casual rampant action shooter in a free to play format, Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime is worth the time. Download it here for free!